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High Brew is turning consumers on to cold-brewed coffee and leading a hot new java trend.

The ready to drink coffee market is currently a $1.8 billion category and one of the fastest growing segments of the beverage business. Austin, Texas-based brand High Brew hit the scene about a year ago and has quickly carved out a niche as a cold brew coffee innovation. The brand has gained national distribution in retailers like Whole Foods as well as Target stores and Kroger grocery stores. Developed and launched by former Sweet Leaf Tea executive David Smith, High Brew has gained a loyal following due to its innovative cold brew process that results in a flavor that’s coffee-forward and less bitter than traditional hot-brewed coffee. We caught up with Smith to find our more about the brand.

What motivated you to develop and launch High Brew?

I discovered cold-brewed coffee while on a sailing trip. I was captaining a boat and I had my wife and two children with me on it. And while it sounds luxurious, it’s a lot of work so I was looking for something that would really give me natural energy, but energy drinks didn’t work as they made me feel jittery. Traditional hot-brewed coffee was good in the morning, but not in the afternoon. I discovered cold brew coffee, which has two and a half times the natural caffeine so it kept me alert. Cold brew coffee also contains more antioxidants and less acid than traditionally brewed coffee. When I got back from that trip, I saw cold brew coffee concentrates in specialty stores, and while these were phenomenal products, it wasn’t convenient to take concentrates home and mix one to one with water or milk. At that time, there weren’t any ready to drink, shelf-stable, conveniently packaged cold brew coffees on the market. It was a demand that I felt was unmet.

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By Heather Landi

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