High Brew Coffee is Cold Brew for those who do. Born from the adventure of a lifetime; we believe in hard work, passion, and following your dreams no matter where they take you!

High Brew embodies the spirit of “For Those Who Do”, whether you’re working to launch the next killer app, training for the Chicago Marathon, or saving lives in the ER… We’re here to get you through it and to the other side.

We want you to go out there and risk it all, to build something that’s all your own.

Our Doer embodies our brand and all it stands for. We want to celebrate all you do, so think of this as a Kickstarter campaign for a kickass brand…You!

All you have to do is upload a photo and tell us your story; what you do, why you do it and how High Brew helps you stay on your “A game”.

So, c’mon take a risk! Be bold, be creative, be passionate and stay alert with High Brew in hand. It’s as simple as hitting send.


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