The original formula, simple and strong but never bitter. Goes down smooth with lower acidity and a jolt of natural caffeine so you can make your next bold move.


Two famous beans unite when we mix this exotic vanilla with our arabica goodness. With a touch of sweetness and a pleasant aroma, Mexican Vanilla will take you places.


This flavor is a sweet testament to the sea. Classic caramel is accented with sea salt and mixed with our original formula for an uplifting treat that lifts you up but never let's you down.


Coffee and chocolate, what could be better? Our original cold-brew blend is infused with rich cacao that's equal parts indulgent and uplifting and only 60 calories!


The essence of cold-brewed coffee, perfectly contained in a palm-sized can. Dairy-free and a taste so bold you'll forget you didn't brew it yourself.

We believe in being better, not bitter. That’s why our coffee beans are 100% Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA. This means that every High Brew Coffee purchase matter more than you think.

Your everyday High Brew can help farmers get better prices to help them keep their kids in school and protect fragile ecosystems.

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