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BevNet – Roasted Rebellion

For High Brew, it all started on a boat. David Smith, one of the co-founders of Sweet Leaf Tea, was on a sabbatical, sailing the Caribbean with his family after selling the company to Nestle Waters North America. As might be expected, the acquisition had made Smith a few dollars, and after 14 years in the rough-and-tumble beverage business, the trip was his long-promised reward.

But sailing requires vigilance, and a watchful eye is best supported by a bit of a caffeine boost, which Smith and his wife sourced from coffee.

While the couple sipped on the jet black liquid throughout the day, the midday humidity called for a cool beverage; a piping cup of Java was not in mix.

Smith began to cold brew their coffee, steeping coarse-ground beans in temperate or cold water for 12 to 24 hours. He was impressed by the taste and efficacy of the cold brew. It was smoother, and seemed to have more caffeine than his regular cup.

So Smith had something, he thought, but he wasn’t yet interested in getting back into the beverage world. He was still working on things with his Sweet Leaf partner, Clayton Christopher, who had invested in kale chips and vodka, and he was also helping out at an Austin-based food and beverage incubator.

Still, the market was changing. Smith could see the slow, but steady, development of cold-brew coffee concentrates brands like Chameleon and Grady’s in natural retailers.

“I saw the proliferation of the concentrates coming and felt like those were really good products,” Smith said. “That’s when [I thought], ‘somebody could formulate that same old cold-brew coffee that could be consumed on the go, in a more convenient way, but still deliver those attributes that people have come to know and love.”

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  • Mark

    High Brew is a great product I’ve quickly become accustomed to. ..Much better than the Starbucks type products with too much sugar and milk and too little actual coffee. Less acid leaves me feeling better at the end of the day as well!

    • April Riggs

      Thanks for the love, Mark! That’s why our motto is: Better Not Bitter.

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