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Why Fair Trade?

As a part of #FairTradeMonth, our friend Parker Towley at Fair Trade Certified put together a really great blog post about what Fair Trade is and why it’s so important:

Coffee is a big part of our lives. It provides us with energy to get up in the morning, serves as a medium for conversation and most importantly tastes delicious! But coffee is important to many people for another reason – for millions in Latin America, Africa, and Asia coffee is how they earn a living. Unfortunately the farmers and workers who grow and harvest the coffee we love face many challenges, including extreme poverty, food insecurity, vulnerability to crop failures, and unregulated working conditions that put lives in danger. These challenges have become even more difficult in recent years as volatile market prices and climate change have placed new burdens on farmers.
Luckily there is a movement in the coffee world pushing for a sustainable future. Fair Trade is a system that ensures farmers and workers get a fair deal for their hard work. This means better prices and wages, safe working conditions, environmental protection and funds to support needed projects in their communities like education, health care, and clean water.
How does it work? All levels of the coffee supply chain, from farmers to coffee roasters, agree to work in accordance to a series of standards to ensure everyone benefits. Fair Trade USA as a certifier holds all of these groups accountable through regular audits and in turn allows participating companies to display the Fair Trade Certified™ on their products as a message to consumers that they take sustainability seriously. This means you can confidently shop your values and vote with your dollar for a better world.
This month Fair Trade USA is partnering with High Brew Coffee and hundreds of other forward-thinking brands to spread the word about Fair Trade and get more people talking about ways they can incorporate sustainability into their own lives through our #FairMoments Campaign. We hope you will join in and continue to learn more about the ways you can make a difference.

Pictured Above: Fair Trade is about farmers like Maria Cera from the APROCASSI Coffee cooperative in Peru. Maria is the mother of two boys and works hard to ensure they get and education “We must work hard every day to support our kids and make sure they study first and fall in love second! That’s what every parent wants, isn’t it?” Members of APROCASSI have voted to use a portion of their Fair Trade premiums to invest in education for the children of their community.

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