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Direct Trade

At High Brew we’re passionate about giving back

Especially to the families that make our industry possible

High Brew Coffee is proud to give a portion of the sales from every purchase to support local farms and farmers in Colombia.  Our partnership supports over 65,000 acres of coffee farms in the Antioquia region.   

High Brew’s contribution supports these farmers through: infrastructure development, environmental sustainability, loan programs, fair and equitable wage practices, and education grant programs. High Brew chooses to only purchase coffee from the highest quality sources while helping them achieve greater profitability with less environmental impact on our planet. Many of High Brew Coffee consumers share this same sentiment which makes this relationship a “win-win” all around!

Support the farmers, support the environment

Improving quality of life & reducing carbon footprints

Our Direct Trade partners have constructed three Micro-Wet Central Mills; outsourcing this wet process centralizes the production to one large facility versus each individual farmer performing this process on their own land less efficiently. The result of outsourcing is an improved quality of life for the farmer because they can focus more time on growing higher quality coffee and turning a higher profit with less physical labor.

By improving infrastructure of this wet mill process to a centralized facility, direct trade is also promoting environmental sustainability. (Something that we at High Brew Coffee take very seriously!) When farmers are able to outsource this process they are decreasing water usage from 30 liters to 3 liters of water to produce each pound of coffee. And water purification at these mills saves over 20mm liters of water annually from contamination.

Investing in the community & in its future

Over time, our Direct Trade relationship has helped our partners raise $2 million dollars in education which has sent 1,069 people to college and university. They have also paid out over $15 million dollars in loans; many without interest rates are given every year. Younger generations receive a subsidy that gives them more money per pound of coffee produced to encourage them to stay in the family business which helps long-term sustainability in coffee farming. A majority of the younger generations would otherwise leave the industry creating supply shortages in the future.

Additionally, they have built 20 purchasing warehouses in convenient locations near the farmers so they don’t have to transport their products long distances. These warehouses are where growers take their coffee parchment for immediate cash at the best coffee market prices possible. The organization has also created and operate 24 agricultural shops where growers purchase their farming supplies for discounted rates to help them increase their bottom line profits.

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