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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cold Brew?

  • Coffee that has been brewed over time not heat!
  • We never apply heat, but use filtered, ambient temperature water instead to brew our coffee.
  • Cold brew coffee has a smoother, bolder, less acidic and bitter flavor due to the absence of heat in brewing process.

What else is added to High Brew Coffee?

See the chart below.
High Brew Coffee
Black & Bold
Double Espresso
Mexican Vanilla
Salted Caramel
Dark Chocolate Mocha
Creamy Cappuccino
20 50 90 90 90 120
1g 6g 14g 14g 14g 10g
100% Arabica Cold Brew Coffee X X X X X X
Reduced Fat Milk X X X X
Low Fat Milk X
Milk Protein Isolate X
Cane Sugar X X X X X X
Natural Flavors X X X X
Sea Salt X
Monk Fruit X
Cocoa X
Calcium Caseinate X
Chicory Root Extract X
Pectin X X X X
Potassium Phosphates X X X X X X
Total Ingredients 3 5 6 7 7 10


What are 100% Arabica Beans?

  • This variety of beans grow at a higher altitude and have a less bitter and smoother flavor than their counterpart, Robusta beans. It is generally accepted that Arabica beans produce more desirable flavor characteristics.

What are Natural flavors?

  • These are the essences and botanicals which are naturally extracted then added to products to enhance the flavor.  These natural flavors will provide the caramel, the chocolate, the vanilla, & cinnamon in our coffees.

What is monk fruit?

  • A natural, no -calorie sweetener derived from a small round fruit grown in SE Asia.

What is Pectin?

  • This is a soluble fiber from plants and a natural polymer that gives thickness to products. (thickener).

What are Potassium Phosphates?

  • This is a natural mineral (salts of potassium and phosphate ions) present in food and supplements that also serves to stabilize products. (stabilizer)
  • Natural variations in coffee batches will occur, and potassium phosphates are used only to ensure the proper and consistent PH level of the final product, with low acidity being achieved through the cold brew process.

Why is it called Mexican Vanilla?

  • We call it Mexican Vanilla because of the flavor profile combination of cinnamon and vanilla which is used in Mexico and in popular Mexican beverages and desserts. The vanilla bean originates in Mexico and is derived from the orchid, Vanilla planifolia.

What is the protein source in Creamy Cappuccino + Protein?

  • Milk Protein Isolate – a naturally occurring concentrated protein, derived from milk, that digests slowly and easily, making you full longer
  • Calcium Caseinate – a natural protein produced from milk. Caseinate breaks down more slowly in the body than whey protein, thus supplying the body with a sustained amino acid release.

Why is there 12g of protein in our cold brew coffee?

  • When we polled consumers, we learned that 12g of protein was the ideal amount of added protein for a RTD coffee beverage. It is low-calorie, with a significant source of high-quality protein, without sacrificing great coffee flavor.

What is the fiber source in Creamy Cappuccino + Protein?

  • Chicory Root Extract- a natural source of fiber and has a mild flavor that blends well with coffee. Fiber helps promote healthy digestion and makes you feel full longer.

Where is your product made?

  • Our all-natural ingredients are sourced globally.
  • Our product is now being manufactured in multiple locations in the USA.

Are your products all natural?

  • High Brew Coffee products contain natural ingredients or are derived from an all-natural source: no synthetic ingredients, food colors or artificial flavors.

How does your sugar compare?

  • 1g sugar = ¼ of a teaspoon
  • 8g sugar = 2 teaspoons
  • 14g sugar = 3 ½ teaspoons
  • 40g sugar = 10 teaspoons  This is what the leading ready to drink coffee contains! 

How long is High Brew Coffee shelf-stable?

  • 12 months
  • We use a retort filling process to lock in shelf life.

What is Retort Processing?

  • A widely utilized thermal processing technique which creates a commercially safe, shelf - stable RTD beverage. 
  • Our cold-brew coffees contain all the same attributes as perishable cold-brews on the market.

How much caffeine is in a can of High Brew Coffee?

  • Depending on the flavor you will get 130 – 150 mg of caffeine per can. This is equal to about 2 cups of hot brewed coffee.
  • Our advanced technique, use of carefully selected beans, and optimal ratio of roasted coffee to water, allows us to preserve the highest amount of caffeine possible throughout the cold brew process, delivering a full-bodied finished product.

How long do you cold brew your coffee?

  • We brew it long enough to extract the peak flavor.  We’d love to share but exact parameters of our processes are highly proprietary.

Do you use filtered water in your cold brew process?

  • Yes.

What is the ratio of water to coffee?

  • We’d love to share but exact parameters of our processes are highly proprietary.

What is Espresso?

  • Espresso is brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure and heat through finely ground coffee beans.
  • High Brew Double Espresso is not made from espresso beans nor the espresso brewing process. This is a cold brew coffee. It is only a name and a nod to espresso as it has a reputation as a very strong coffee.

What is Gluten Free and are your products Gluten Free?

  • All High Brew Coffee products are Gluten Free. This means that there is no wheat or gluten in our coffee.

Why do you put Natural Settling may occur on the can?

  • Because we use zero preservatives and minimal stabilizers in our coffee, there may be some settling at the bottom of the can. Not to worry, this is just gravity working on the can.

Is High Brew Non-GMO?

  • While not currently formally GMO Free certified, High Brew Coffee products are not made from or grown from food or seed that has not been knowingly or intentionally produced with genetic engineering and has been segregated from and has not been knowingly or intentionally commingled with food that may have been produced with genetic engineering. 

Is High Brew Coffee Kosher?

  • We are not currently certified.

Where are your beans sourced from?

  • Colombia, via the De los Andes Cooperative.

What is Direct Trade and De los Andes Cooperative?

  • We are partnering with de los Andes Cooperative, a non-profit, to deepen our commitment to sustainability and ethical trade, while ensuring the sourcing of the highest quality coffee beans for our cold brew. With de los Andes Cooperative we will be able to give back to the farmers and the geography where the crops originate.

Is High Brew rBST free?

  • While not currently certified rBST free, High Brew Coffee products are not made knowingly or intentionally produced with dairy containing rBST.

Why is the can only 8oz?

  • We selected an 8oz can size because it is closest to the usual serving size of coffee and due to our high caffeine content (2x a traditional cup of coffee).

Why are you called High Brew?

  • The High in High Brew references our commitment to a higher standard and quality of coffee.

Why do you serve in a can instead of glass?

  • Our goal is to serve the most convenient cold brew coffee on the market and easily recycled aluminum allows us to meet that goal while being shelf stable in our slim, lightweight, and portable can.

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