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Nitro Cold Brew 101

Like any other product, coffee will go through phases of popularity and trends of new or unique types of coffee. Some of these trends have stolen the spotlight in recent years, from the simple oat milk latte to the viral “whipped” Dalgona coffee sensation of last year. We think this next “trend,” however, will be around for a long, long time. This mysterious other form of coffee that’s starting to dominate coffee shops and grocery stores alike?

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

With so many coffee options out there (and with iced coffee dropping in popularity), we want to make sure that you find the cold caffeinated beverage that suits your needs perfectly. Regular Cold Brew coffee, another recent coffee trend, has cemented itself as a coffee staple in many places. Building off its success and hot on its heels is the entirely unique Nitro Cold Brew. 

Use this article as your introduction to the world of Cold Brew, nitro brew, and everything that goes into making this tasty java drink!

What Is Nitro Cold Brew? 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s go back to the beginning of nitro coffee. In 2013, after unsuccessfully trying to carbonate his Cold Brew coffee with carbon dioxide, food scientist Nate Armbrust attempted a new tactic; nitrogen. After refining the perfect balance of nitrogen gas and coffee, Nitro Cold Brew was born! 

The drink quickly gained popularity in coffee shops around the US, and eight years later, it is now a significant component of the coffee industry. If you have yet to try it yourself, you might still be skeptical about the prospect of bubbles in your coffee, but trust us when we say it’s a coffee experience like no other.

Nitrogenated coffee is smoother than smooth, with an almost velvet-like texture and practically no bitterness. Generally, you can find nitro brew coffee in cans or on tap at the barista bar of most coffee shops. 

When you get one, straight from the can or tap, you’ll be able to see all the tiny nitrogen bubbles cascading down from top to bottom in a process that looks identical to a stout beer. Unlike its earlier predecessor, iced coffee, Nitro Cold Brews tend to have rich, full-bodied flavors, with a hint of sweetness and minimal acidity.

Apart from being the new and exciting coffee option for coffee enthusiasts and beginners alike, Nitro Cold Brew has some exciting benefits that might just convince you to make the switch permanently!

Nitro Cold Brew Benefits

For many people, coffee can pose several dietary problems. The acidity of hot coffee can be unappealing for many people, and any coffee drink that requires milk or cream is undrinkable for people with dairy sensitivities. Even more people avoid coffee because they find it too bitter, and no amount of sugar can change it.

Here’s where Nitro Cold Brew can help the doubters and naysayers become consummate coffee lovers instead! 

For a start, the original Cold Brewing process drastically reduces the acidity of coffee. This is because all coffee beans contain a certain amount of oil released when the temperature is high enough. However, since Cold Brew, and by extension, Nitro Cold Brew, is brewed over a long period of time in room temperature water, the oils are never released, cutting coffee’s acidity by as much as 70%!

Nitro coffee also doesn’t need milk or cream to cut through its bitterness. Many people find that black coffee is too overpowering for them, but adding milk or cream can lead to stomach problems. In contrast, the nitrogen gas bubbles create a natural creaminess, completely removing the need for any dairy products and cutting the bitterness of coffee in one fell swoop. 

To round out this trifecta of nitro coffee benefits, we can look at the sweetness of coffee. Not traditionally known as a sweet drink, coffee is often mixed with sugars, syrups, or artificial sweeteners to appeal to a broader audience. 

However, high percentages of sugar and concerns about the safety of artificial sweeteners have turned many people away in the past. Once again, Nitro Cold Brew bucks this trend, as the nitrogen gas adds a hint of sweetness without any added sweetener.

As you can see, with Nitro Cold Brew, you effectively get a creamy, sweet, smooth-tasting drink without all the unnecessary additions. 

The Final Word 

Chance are, if you’ve made it this far, you’re intrigued by the prospect of Nitro Cold Brew coffee. The only question left to ask; what makes it any different than regular Cold Brew? It’s a fair question to ask, and we think our answer is equally as fair!

Cold Brew vs. Nitro Cold Brew

When you get into the nitty-gritty details, not much separates these two types of coffee. In fact, we wouldn’t even have Nitro Cold Brew without regular Cold Brew paving the way. However, a few minor differences can sway your decision when you’re looking to drink cold coffee.

As you use the same brewing method to make both drinks, the differences come mainly in taste, texture, and personal preference. Both regular and Nitro Cold Brew coffee begin with coarse coffee grounds, immersed in room temperature water for an extended period of time, typically 12 to 16 hours. Once the coffee is brewed, the grounds are filtered out, and the drink itself is often refrigerated, as opposed to being poured over ice. 

For regular Cold Brew, the story ends there, but as you now know, Nitro Cold Brew then infuses nitrogen gas into the drink. This creates differences in:

  • Taste: The nitrogen gas makes Nitro Cold Brew slightly sweeter than regular Cold Brew, reducing the need for sugar or sweeteners.
  • Texture: While both drinks are incredibly smooth, Nitro Cold Brew adds a level of creaminess that can’t be matched by regular Cold Brew alone.
  • Personal Preference: In the end, the decision mostly comes to your own tastes! We advise trying both types and seeing what differences you notice.

High Brew

Thankfully at High Brew, you don’t have to stress between drinking Cold Brew, or Nitro Cold Brew; because we have both! Our specialty Cold Brews are perfect for coffee lovers of all shapes and sizes and can take your day out of the doldrums. Try our Nitro Cold Brew for the ideal sugar-free, dairy-free buzz that your life has been missing. 

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