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Is Coffee Acidic?

Coffee gets a bad rap as many deem it as an “acidic drink”. If you are blaming your morning cup of coffee on your acid reflux you might have the wrong culprit.

Rumors are never fun so let’s put them to rest to the reason behind coffee acid reflux. Keep reading to learn about the reality of acid and coffee. Plus ways you can opt for a less acid cup (hint: cold brew).

Acidity in Coffee

Coffee actually comes in at a 5 on the PH scale which means it’s about as acidic as a banana. The common cup of coffee is considered slightly acidic, ranking less acidic than soda, beer, and even orange juice. So why is coffee thought to be so acidic?

Acidity is part of coffee’s magical taste which may sound a little confusing. Acidity is different from acid. When we talk about acidity in coffee we mean the presence of certain acids that bring coffee that unique taste. The confusion lies in coffee having acidity in a flavor note, leading people to believe coffee is incredibly acidic. In reality, coffee’s acidity is a desirable feature! 

So, What Acids Are in Coffee?

Green coffee refers to the coffee bean before roasting. Green coffee contains a lot of different acids, some that will go away in the roasting process. Roasting is actually a key step in the final product’s acidity, aroma, and body. 

Chlorogenic Acid

The word Chlorogenic may sound a little intimidating, but this group of acids is actually considered antioxidants. These acids primarily break down during the roasting process. A good rule of thumb is the longer and darker the coffee is roasted the lower the acidity tends to be. This is the reason why lighter roasted coffees have more flavor notes of acidity.

Quinic Acid

Quinic Acid can become an issue when coffee is left on a hot plate or a burner, making coffee more bitter and burned. This can be the culprit behind the discomfort people experience after drinking coffee. When you leave the coffee out certain chemical reaction can occur and actually change the level of acidity. So a cup left on a hot plate for a couple of hours may call for a spit take.

If hot coffee doesn’t agree with your body, all hope isn’t lost! Cold-brew and hot coffee have more differences than just temperature.

Cold Brew Coffee Benefits

Listen up, there is a difference between cold brew and hot coffee and it’s not that one is served on ice. The way coffee is roasted and brewed can have a huge impact on the final product. If you are looking for a low acid coffee option, cold brew may be the answer to all your problems. 

Is cold brew less acidic? Well...the acidity of coffee can depend on many different factors. Although across all three roasting temperatures (light, medium, and dark) a cold brew is less acidic than a hot brewed coffee. 

The roasting process and temperature can also have an impact on the acidity and flavor of the coffee. If the acidity in coffee bothers you we recommend opting for a roast on the darker side. Dark-roasted coffee is generally the least acidic. The real trick to finding the perfect balance in acidity is all in balance and precision throughout the entire brew process.

quality cold brew

Quality Cold Brew

High Brew understands that the way coffee is created matters, from the way it’s roasted to the way it’s brewed! We use 100% Direct Trade beans that at cold-brewed over time not heat. Our cold brew is soaked in filtered, cold water for hours. The result is a cold brew filled with natural flavor and less acidity than your average hot cup of coffee! 

We value simplicity, patience, and high quality which in turn creates a coffee that naturally contains more antioxidants, twice the caffeine, and less acid, making it a win-win-win. 

You can taste the difference! The final can of High Brew tastes smoother and sweeter, but still bold. 

When In Doubt, Add Milk

We get it, not everyone can be a black coffee drinker. A classic way to reduce the acidity of coffee can be as easy as adding milk, cream, or a milk alternative. Just a splash of milk can go a long way in toning down the acidity. 

There is no shame in taking your coffee in the form of a latte or cappuccino. We recommend our Creamy Cappuccino (with Protein) for a boosted breakfast beverage. With creamy protein and reduced-fat milk, this cappuccino satisfies your sweet tooth and your protein craving. 

If you are dairy-free, try our Bourbon Vanilla Nitro Latte. Made with natural vanilla flavors sourced from Madagascar, the nitrogen enhances the creamy blend of coconut and cashew milk for an indulgent experience.

Check out our different flavors to customize to your taste buds!

Drink Happy!

When in doubt always follow how you are feeling and drink what makes you feel good. Knowing the relationship between coffee and acid can help you make the best choice for your unique needs. If you choose cold brew, High Brew is here to support your high-quality, tasty coffee dreams! 

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