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6 Outdoor Activities to Get Out of The House

Need some one-on-one time with mother nature? Fresh air and a dose of sunshine can do wonders for your mood. 

If you are working from home or feeling cooped up from staying in, being outside is definitely something to savor (now more than ever). No matter how busy your schedule may be, getting outdoors, even for just a few hours, can entirely reinvent your energy. 

We’ve rounded up our favorite, socially-distant outside activities from the usual Sunday morning hike to some creative adventures to throw on your list. 

But first, why is being outdoors so restorative?

The Magic of Nature

You know what we are talking about! How can you not smile when frolicking in the picturesque scene we encounter outside, from trees to sunshine to the star-filled sky. 

Being outdoors can be healing for your mind and body. Here are just a couple of things mother nature can do for you

  • improve your mood
  • reduce feelings of stress or anger
  • help you take time out and feel more relaxed
  • improve your physical health
  • improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • help you be more active

We all have different experiences with nature; nurturing this connection can help you explore new activities or hobbies.

Things To Do Outside 

No matter where you live, there are many creative ways to ditch the digital world and become more in touch with nature. Here are some of our favorite activities to do outside, plus they are all socially distant! 

Pro-Tip: If you live in a more urban or populated area, don’t forget to pack a mask! 

1. A Simple Walk

A walk may seem like no big deal, but when you feel antsy and coped up, a walk can come in handy. A walk is probably the easiest way to get out of the house and get a change of scenery. Even if it’s around your neighborhood, remember, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. 

The benefits of walking outside are bigger than you think. A study published in Environment and Behavior found that those who walked 40 minutes out in nature saw a more significant drop in the stress hormone (cortisol) than those who took the treadmill. A quick stroll around your block may be just what you need to refresh. 

Make it a daily walk to reap the full health benefits. Even if you can’t fit in 30 minutes, a short walk is better than nothing! 

2. Stargaze 

Who said you could only go outside when the sun is out? With shorter days in the winter, you may find it hard to catch the day-light, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get some fresh air. Instead of your usual binge-watching ritual, grab a blanket and head to a park (or your lawn). 

Look up at the cosmos! We won’t judge you for using your phone for constellation help. 

3. Take a Hike

Imagine towering trees, the sound of water and birds, the crunch of leaves beneath your boots. Hiking can be relaxing and a work-out all in one. If you live close to hiking trails, a quick trip is totally worth it! Hiking is an easy way to immerse yourself in nature and put things into perspective. 

Accessible for all experience levels, choose the trail that best fits your ability and work your way up to more challenging mountains and longer hikes. Who knows, backpacking may be your favorite new outdoor activity!

cold brew picnic

Pro-Tip: Be prepared. You don’t want to be stuck halfway through the hike with zero water and a growling stomach. Don’t forget to hydrate and bring fuel-filled snacks like High Brew's Nitro Cold Brew or trail mix for when you break. 

4. Garden

Green thumb or not, taking care of plants can be a fantastic way to connect and grow with nature. Set up a growing space in your backyard or join a community garden in your local area. Gardening sets aside a regular weekly time for you to devote to being outdoors. 

Pro-tip: No pot. No problem. DIY and covert a can of High Brew into a small pot for herbs like basil or succulents. 

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Nurturing plants can be completely rewarding when your hard work turns into yummy produce to show off in a salad. 

5. Picnic

Pack up your favorite snacks, from an Instagram-worthy charcuterie board to a plain and simple PB+J, and head to your local park, lookout, or backyard. Picnics are a fun way to enjoy the open sky or sunset. Enjoy the company of your roommates or fly solo and bring that book you have wanted to finish. 

Don’t forget your mid-day picnic must-haves: a refreshing cold brew, your favorite fruit, and a giant blanket. 

6. Take Your Workout Outside

Regular exercise outdoors can lead to adventure and improved wellness all in one. Start with running or jogging on mountain trails, beachside, or through your favorite park. 

If you aren’t much of a runner, instead of working out in your living room or at a gym, bring your yoga mat and dumbbells to your front lawn. Being outside will make your workout feel that much better! 

Soon you can push yourself to more adventurous endeavors like mountain biking, swimming in freshwater, or rock climbing. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy outside activities for adults; beginners are totally welcome! 

mountain biking coffee

Pack a High Brew

The High Brew team embraces adventure in both big and small ways. From your morning stroll around the neighborhood to your kayaking excursion, we want our coffee to fuel you. An elevated coffee experience in a convenient on-the-go can, our naturally caffeinated cold brew won’t slow you down. 

High Brew helps you meet each day’s adventures, cherishing moments with mother earth through natural energy and sustainable coffee farming

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